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All Day I Dream

All Day I Dream, Lee Burridge’s series of shimmering day-into-night gatherings, continues to spread its wistful ethos with the announcement of its 2019 world tour.
Spreading its wings to cities like Ibiza, Mykonos, Moscow, and New York, Denver will also make its official entrance into the ADID fold with a blissful outdoor soirée.
Burridge and his team conjured something truly magical nine years ago on a Brooklyn rooftop. ADID’s delicately decorated spaces and ethereal, emotive soundtracking has inspired a movement which has drawn hundreds of thousands across the globe to experience the magic.
ADID has become a veritable movement that resonates with dreamers of all backgrounds. It’s a conduit for establishing deep bonds with fellow free spirits, a safe space for self expression, and an all-around delightful treat for the senses..